Help United for All make a difference!

Hi everyone, over the past months and in these exceptional times, we all have experienced how important it is to look out for one another 💙. We have seen how social efforts made a change in times of the coronavirus and we are now witnessing and experiencing a united effort to actively fight inequality and racism following from George Floyd’s death.

Sadly, as you know, many vulnerable groups in our society are experiencing difficulties and need support. Think of families living in poverty, people who can’t participate in society due to mental or physical illness and refugees who are dealing with discrimination, and many more people who are struggling each day.

United for All is an organisation which helps these vulnerable groups with finding sustainable solutions for their situations. To be able to help more people, United for All is searching for volunteers to support their organisation and actions.

United for All does not only provide an opportunity to make a difference in Nijmegen, but will also stimulate your personal growth by offering several courses. Additionally, you will work together with other enthusiastic volunteers from different studies.

Sign up to make a difference: or go to for more information!

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