Committees 2021-2022

This B-eautiful association would be nothing without its active members dedicating their time and effort to the organization of fantastic, fun activities to help us connect to the professional field and to eachother. This is often done by setting up certain specific committees that focus on one aspect of life as a Behaviour Change student.
Below you’ll find a list of all the committees in the academic year 2021-2022 with a short introduction written by the committees.

Activity Committee
The activity committee is the social outsider of our committees. Meeting after work or uni for a catch up drink, organizing parties or Galas and meeting for other fun activities to lighten the mood after tough exams, stressful periods or to celebrate success is a crucial part of our student life. This committee helps our members to cool off, connect more with one another and to experience the city of Nijmegen more in detail.

Career Committee

The career committee enhances the already practical study by creating work opportunities and boostering skills of students. Workshops, Career Markets and Training are the backbone of events the career committee has organized in the last semester. Attending these amazing events helps students to network, get a more realistic picture of the work environment and to advance their talents.

Trip Committee

The trip committee organizes a trip that further connects students by visiting another city or country. Culture, food and activities are carefully planned to ensure that members gain a wide experience of the place that we travel to. Being part of this committee gives members the ability to further research the identity and history of a foreign city and country, to connect with others and to plan the direction one wants to explore the world.

Yearbook Committee
The main goal of the yearbook committee is to create a yearbook that contains the most memorable events, funny quotes and personal stories of each student. The committee serves as a creative source where members can design, write and come up with different pages. Balancing sponsors, the wishes of students and the designs can be challenging, but the result of a yearbook that contains the full student year is worth it.