Interview with Mats Postema of “Changing Ways”

With the internships in February getting closer, the “future” in our professional field is also closer than ever! One of the possible options in the future is creating your own behaviour change company.
Our very own Rabea has done an interview with Mats Postema, co-owner of the behaviour change company “Changing Ways”, about exactly this topic! If you are interested in what a professional from the field has to say about this, check out her interview below! It is a fascinating read!

Interview with Mats Postema

Introducing: the XIVth board of B-Change!

In the past few months the XIVth board of B-Change has been settling into their new roles and responsibilities, but now we are proud to officially introduce from left to right: Robin Jacobi (Secretary), Martijn Kuipers (Head of Media), Paul Sharp (Chair), Monica Baptista (Treasurer), Charly Walther (External Affairs)! We are looking forward to facing the challenges that this year will bring and make it a great year regardless!

Meet the ’20-’21 B-Change board!

We want to connect students and teachers as much as possible this year, through online and (corona-proof) offline events. This includes drinks and festivities of course, but also trainings and workshops to help students with their career. We also hope to organize a study trip. All in all, we are going to make sure that corona will not throw a monkey wrench in the works!


From left to right: Ramón (Secretary), Johannes (Head of Media), Za-Zie (Chairwoman), Rabea (External Affairs Officer), Hannah (Treasurer)





Help United for All make a difference!

Hi everyone, over the past months and in these exceptional times, we all have experienced how important it is to look out for one another 💙. We have seen how social efforts made a change in times of the coronavirus and we are now witnessing and experiencing a united effort to actively fight inequality and racism following from George Floyd’s death.

Sadly, as you know, many vulnerable groups in our society are experiencing difficulties and need support. Think of families living in poverty, people who can’t participate in society due to mental or physical illness and refugees who are dealing with discrimination, and many more people who are struggling each day.

United for All is an organisation which helps these vulnerable groups with finding sustainable solutions for their situations. To be able to help more people, United for All is searching for volunteers to support their organisation and actions.

United for All does not only provide an opportunity to make a difference in Nijmegen, but will also stimulate your personal growth by offering several courses. Additionally, you will work together with other enthusiastic volunteers from different studies.

Sign up to make a difference: or go to for more information!

Matchmaker Online!

Unfortunately only in Dutch:

Ben jij bijna of pas afgestudeerd en wil je weten welke baan (of traineeship) het beste bij je past? Dan is er nu MatchMaker Online van Die Nieuwe. Op je eigen moment en in je eigen tempo bouwen aan de start van je carrière. Samen met je Persoonlijke Coach bespreek je je vragen, inzichten en plannen. En dankzij hun netwerk vind je misschien ook nog de gewenste baan! Kijk op voor meer info.

Goodluck & success to all of you!

This Monday you will all start with your new life, a working life. We, the board of B-Change, want to wish you all a great kick-off of your career path and hope you will enjoy your time as an intern to the fullest! Don’t forget to share your experiences with your fellow Behaviour Change ‘colleagues’ during our regular drinks every two weeks on Tuesdays at 20.30 hours at Tappers (starting Tuesday the 4th of February). We would love to see you there!

Lot’s of love from the board,
Navayo, Janneke, Amber, Isabel & Fenna

B-Change wishes you a …

May all your dreams come true in 2020. One more month to go and then we start as almost-professionals in the work field during our internships! Hopefully, we are able to pass all the courses and can we finish the master together at the end of the semester. Let’s do this!

Merry Christmas to you all!

The board of B-Change wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true in the next year and may you return as new and overloaded with energy and motivation from your holidays. Eat and drink too much!

Lots of love,

Janneke, Navayo, Amber, Isabel & Fenna

Board B-Change 2019/2020

Dear lovely B-Change members,

This year we are the lucky ones who get to take care of the Study Association B-Change. The past months have proven to be successful and most of all, a lot of fun with you as our members. We, for example, organized a cocktail workshop, a SIPA-themed party, ‘tacky-Christmas sweater’ drinks, and a lot is still on the way, such as our study trip to Gent in April, a master party, a Psychology-masters party, a Career Day and many more drinks! We cannot wait to experience these things together with you and hope to look back at an amazing study year at the end of our masters.

Lots of love,

The 12th board of B-Change,

Janneke, Navayo, Isabel, Amber and Fenna

Experience Your Future

Last Wednesday and Thursday B-Change stood at the information market of Experience your Future, organized by SPS-NIP and SPiN. We talked to bachelor students about the master program behaviour change and what it’s like to be a board member of B-Change.

Are you thinking about applying for behaviour change and do you have any questions? You can always take a look at the website:…/psychology-behaviour-change/