Board of 2022-2023

Hi! We are (from left to right) Jessica van Dijk (Treasurer), Dionne Brouwer (Secretary), Loreen Neugebauer (Chair), Emiel de Maeyer (External Affairs Officer) and Jule Berndt (Head of Media) and we are the XVth board of B-Change!











Loreen Neugebauer

Hey, I am Loreen Neugebauer and I am the chair of B-change. I am originally from Berlin but I already did my psychology bachelor at Radboud University. After my Erasmus in Spain and a gap semester I felt homesick and decided to come back to Nijmegen. Since, the Master is very short I wanted to enjoy it to the fullest and connect with as many students as possible. Now I am excited for a great year with my fellow students and board members!


Jessica van Dijk

Hi everyone! My name is Jessica van Dijk and I am the treasurer of B-change. I’m from Zutphen, but have been studying here for 6 years already. After my bachelor’s, another psychology master’s and 2 gap years filled with extra courses and many side jobs, I still haven’t grown bored of studying or Nijmegen.

Hence I love to convey my enthusiasm for both via joining the board of B-change. In my spare time you can find me socialising and partying with my friends.


Dionne Brouwer

Hi, my name is Dionne and I am the Secretary of the XVth board of B-Change. I am from Leiden in the Netherlands where I did my bachelor and I moved to Nijmegen to study Behaviour Change. I joined the board to connect with my fellow students and to organise fun activities for and with them! In my free time you can find me bouldering, doing gymnastics or taking care of my plants with a cup of tea in my hand.


Emiel de Maeyer

Hi, my name is Emiel De Maeyer and I’m 22 years old. I am the External Affairs Officer for B-change for this academic year. I did my psychology bachelor at Tilburg University and decided to come to Nijmegen for my master. I immediately felt at home with my fellow students which is why I decided to apply to be a board member. In my free time I like to do sports, play a little chess and I’m always down for a party. I hope to make it an amazing year and look forward to seeing you around.


Jule Berndt

Hi, I am Jule and I am Head of Media at B-Change. I am from Germany but have been studying in the Netherlands for 3 years. After the Psychology Bachelor I decided I wanted to take some time away from studying and did a gap year, during which I collected some first work experience. Now, I am excited to be back in Nijmegen and have a good time studying with great new people!