About us

B-Change is the study association of the psychology master Behaviour Change at Radboud University Nijmegen. We organize various study-related activities such as workshops, networking activities and the famous SIPA event, as well as non-study-related activities such as drinks, parties and the annual study trip. Learn more about B-Change and the master Behaviour Change by reading the information below. 


The master Behaviour Change
The master specialisation is described by Radboud University as follows: What determines human behaviour? How can we change people’s behaviour? What motivates us as people? In the Master’s specialisation in Behaviour Change, you will learn how to examine behaviour influencing in a scientific manner and you will learn how to apply this knowledge to practical situations. Examples of practical questions are:

How can you get young people to buy more sustainably produced clothing?

Can parents be persuaded to take their children to school by bicycle?

What solution do you have for the “roaming newspaper problem” in trains

How do you set up a company canteen so that more healthy choices are made?

Great emphasis is placed on the practical application of the knowledge you obtain in this master programme. You will be trained to analyze and investigate problems and issues in the field of behaviour from a scientific basis.  Hence, in the master program the combination of “science & practice” takes an important place. The development and testing of the effectiveness of interventions and influencing strategies are central.

For more information, please refer to the RU page of Behaviour Change by clicking on the following link: https://www.ru.nl/english/education/masters/behaviour-change/


What does B-Change organize?
As mentioned before, B-Change and its active members organize study-related and non-study-related activities throughout the year. All members are welcome to join all the activities we organize. Think about parties, a cocktail workshop, lectures, trips etc. Together with our committees, we hope to make these activities a success. 

ASPO congress
Every year, the ASPO congress takes place. This congress is organized by the Association of Social Psychological Researchers (hence, ‘ASPO’). B-Change aims to visit the congress with its members every year. We arrange transportation, a place to sleep, and possibly a member discount.

Regular drinks
B-Change holds (themed) drinks two times a month in café Tappers on Tuesday evenings. Members, alumni members and teachers are very welcome to join. 

Study trip
Every year, a study trip is organized by B-Change. This is most likely to take place during a weekend in the March-May period. The trip promises to be great fun! As a member of B-Change, you also receive discounts on this.

Student to Business Day
This day is organized to bring master’s students into contact with professionals in the field of behaviour change. This way, we hope to give students a picture of the(ir) possible future. Last but not least, it offers great potential for networking. 

Career days
To prepare our members for their internship,  a career day is organized during which former students tell something about their experiences as an intern and possible pitfalls you might run into. A second career day is organized to prepare students for their life after university and is a great addition to the Student To Business Day. Often, a CV and Linkedin check are provided during the drink at the end of this career day. 

Each year, B-Change aims to provide a yearbook for its members and teachers. All students, teachers, photos, memorable moments and much more are included in the yearbook. This way, B-Change hopes to get stuck in its members’ memories forever. 

SIPA event
The famous Science In Practice Awards (SIPA) event takes place each year and results in a gathering of the teachers, students, parents, internship colleagues, sponsors and people from the working field, to behold who this year will win the prize for the best thesis. This event ends with a festive drink together with all its visitors. 

Introduction weekend
Finally, B-Change organizes the introduction weekend for each year’s new students of the master Behaviour Change. The program is in line with that of the study program itself and is a very pleasant way to get to know your fellow students.


Did you, after reading, get excited to be a part of all of this? Do not wait any longer and sign up as a member of B-Change. We cannot wait to meet you.